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Working together for a sustainable Sheffield



What is the Sheffield Sustainability Network?

How do I respond to the declared climate change emergency?

How can we shift our business practices to be more sustainable, in order to stay competitive?

How can I identify and prioritise sustainable solutions that are relevant and achievable for our charity?

As businesses and non-profits, how can we work together to help support both ourselves in prosperity and each other on a sustainable planet?

These are just some of the questions that Sheffield businesses, organisations, charities and residents face today. We see what is happening around us, but we don't always know what to do.

Sheffield Sustainability Network was founded by three local business owners who had begun meeting regularly to exchange ideas on more sustainable ways of working. 


Their need for more knowledge and support inspired the creation of SSN, a platform in which local businesses and non-profit organisations can support each other in their goal of becoming more sustainable.

"Companies that don’t adapt [to Climate change] will go bankrupt without question…. There is a need for [action] to achieve net zero emissions"


MARK CARNEY, Previous Governor of the Bank of England / UN special envoy for climate action and finance


To connect like minded people to share resources and support each other to create a sustainable Sheffield

To provide all organisations in Sheffield with the support to become sustainable through member events, knowledge and skill sharing and a sustainability self audit


Sustainability audit
We recognise that sustainable practices are not only an environmental need but increasingly a business requirement.
However, knowing where to start can be a challenge.
We will provide a simple self-assessment audit process to help identify areas where gains can be made.

This would not be a certification and doesn't replace the skills of consultants, but would provide organisations with a good starting point in creating a sustainability action plan.

Sharing knowledge and resources
After identifying your sustainability focus areas, the next challenge is finding the most appropriate path forward.
This requires time, which many organisations have little of.
By pooling our information and efforts, we are able to share knowledge and skills to support our members through our
online resource directory, regular meetings and workshops.

Our launch event was in February was a huge success. Click here to read the post event report.

Using collective purchasing power
There are an increasing number of more sustainably produced materials, services and resources available, but the cost of these can be prohibitive for smaller organisations.
Our network will include a wide variety of businesses, but they often require similar resources. As a network, the potential for combined purchasing power will help us get more competitive pricing from suppliers.

"Chief executives in the private sector need to drive major change in the absence of politicians doing it right now… Over the next 10 years more responsibility will be put on business to move faster to implement the [UN’s] sustainability goals"


PAUL POLMAN, Former Unilever CEO and Founder of Imagine

Join us


Why join the Sheffield Sustainability Network?

  • If you are a business, charity or other organisation who is keen to act more sustainably but don’t know where to start.

  • If you recognise the need to be more sustainable in order to stay competitive, remain profitable, and attract the best talent.

  • If you have sustainability expertise you wish to share.

  • If you are within the Sheffield region or close by, and want to contribute to ensuring our local economy is changing for good.

Sheffield Sustainability Network is a group of like-minded people who are working together to drive a positive change in how our organisations operate and we can help each other.

If you couldn't come to the launch event, don't worry - there will be more events. Please sign up to our mailing list to receive details of further events  and newsletters. 

View our first newsletter here

"The business case for sustaining the planet is stronger than the business case for trashing it"


BOB WILLARD, Future Fit Business


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